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Pinta London

Globalisation gets a bad rap for promoting ‘sameness’ occasionally. But when it is good, it takes something extraordinary from far afield and brings it to your doorstep in order to move and inspire you. Pinta fits into the latter category.

Knock yourself out on contemporary art

On 12-15 June 2014, Earls Court in London is host to one of those otherwise rare glimpses of Latin American- and Iberian art outside the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. What’s more the event organisers offer a remarkably generous art acquisition programme. More of that later. In the meantime, here is the statement from Pinta to help sum up what the fair is exactly:

“Pinta is showcasing the best Modern and Contemporary Art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.”

“Pinta London is the only art event dedicated to Latin American Art providing a unique platform in Europe to exhibit and promote Latin American artists. Pinta also includes artists from Spain and Portugal reflecting these countries’ undeniable influence in the formation of the Latin American identity.”

As per usual Pinta London has a busy public programme, a focus on one deserving artist, and mounted exhibitions from several participating galleries. You can find the most up-to-date information about the event by visiting the official website, from where you can also buy tickets online.

The Pinta Museum Acquisition Programme

Pinta invites museums and art collections to acquire works at the fair with grants given by Pinta, which these institutions match.

The programme is a generous way of placing Latin American art centre-stage globally. It appears to work because over the years museums have acquired works at Pinta that now enrich their Latin American Art collections. Some prominent art venues have taken part in the programmes such as the Tate Modern, Centre Georges Pompidou; Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Madrid); as well as ESCALA (Essex Collection of Latin American Art) and MIMA (Middlesborough).

In addition, Pinta works closely with other Patrons of the arts by organising tailor-made tours of the fair expanding public knowledge of Latin America Art. These partners include Contemporary Art Society, Saatchi Gallery, Outset and Parasol Unit.

More about Pinta

Pinta has been success for several years in New York, where it continues to take the art world as a storm. In much the same way, Londoners too have been positively bowled over every time since the first annual event in 2009.

Since 2007, Pinta has been headed by Diego Costa Peuser, Chairman Alejandro Zaia, intitutional director Mauro Herlitzka and the Fair Director, Diego Costa Peuser, Combined,the three add tremendous insight and experience to the art event. Peuser is currently the publisher of Arte al Día Internacional magazine, and director of the arte américas fair in Miami and of Buenos Aires Photo. Zaia is also Chair of Conexion PR/ZCM, a public relations firm based in Miami and South America. Herlitzka is also the President of Fundación Espigas.

Pinta is partnered by Collectrium, the cloud-based art inventory management platform as well as sponsored by the Arch London, Fundacion Ar, Visit Mexico, and the embassies of Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

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