Art movement

There are more art movements than you can throw a stick at. What constitutes a movement is not altogether clear, and some people spend an awful lot of time discussing whether art belongs to one or the other movement. Even what you call a movement is up for grabs at times. Below you will find an alphabetical list to illustrate the point:

Abstract art, Art Brut, Abstract expressionism, Abstract Illusionism, Academic art, Action painting, Aestheticism, Altermodern, American Barbizon school, American Impressionism, American realism, American Scene Painting, Analytical art, Anglo-Japanese StyleAntipodeans, Anti-realism, Arabesque, Arbeitsrat für Kunst, Art Deco, Art Informel, Art Nouveau, Art Photography, Arte Povera, Arts and Crafts Movement, Ashcan School, Assemblage, Les Automatistes, Auto-destructive art, Barbizon school, Baroque, Bauhaus, Britart, Celtic Revival, CoBrA, Classical Realism, Colour Field, Context Art, Computer Art, Concrete art, Conceptual art, Constructivism, Cubism, Cubo-futurism Dada, Danube school, Dau-al-Set, De Stijl/Neoplasticism, Deconstructivism, Dieselpunk, Digital Art, Expressionism, Fantastic realism, Fauvism, Figurative art, Figuration Libre, Folk art, Fluxus, Futurism, Geometric abstract art, Glasgow School, Graffiti, Gutai group, Harlem Renaissance, Hudson River School, Humanistic Aestheticism, Hypermodernism, Hyperrealism, Illusionism, Impressionism, Institutional Critique, International Gothic, Les Nabis, Letterism, Lowbrow, Lyco art, Lyrical Abstraction, LuminismMagic Realism, Mannerism, Mail art, Massurrealism, Maximalism, Metaphysical painting, Mingei, Minimalism, Modernism, Modular constructivism, Naive art, Neoclassicism, Neo-Dada, Neo-expressionism, Neo-figurative, Neoism, Neo-primitivism, Net art, New Icon School of Denmark New Leipzig School, New Objectivity, Northwest School (art), Op Art, OrientalismOrphism, Photorealism, Pixel Art, Plasticien, Plein Air, Pointillism, Pop art, Post-impressionism, Postminimalism, Precisionism, Pre-Raphaelitism, Primitivism, Process art, Purism, Qajar art, Rasquache, Rayonsim, Realism, Remodernism, Renaissance, Rococo, Romanesque, Romanticism, Samikshavad, Shin hanga, Shock art, Sōsaku hanga, Socialist Realism, Sots Art, Space Art, Steam punk,  Street Art, Stuckism, SuperflatSuprematism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Synchromism, Tachisme, Toyism, Transgressive art, Vancouver School, Verism, Verdadism, Vorticism, Wanderers, Young British Artists, zero art.

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