Batik is an old technique used in arts and crafts. Paraffin or beeswax is used to resist paint or dye on fabric or paper or other medium. Designs and patterns are produced on the unwaxed areas.

Batik, including its name, is said to originate from Java where it shrouded in mystery and steeped in tradition. Either way, lots of symbolism is involved in the process. Many other cultures have created batik fabrics to wear. Notably the Indian, Arab and Chinese have all created fabrics in this fashion.

Since it is an art technique any culture could discover by accident, it comes as no surprise that wax resistant dyeing techniques where applied in Egypt in the 4th century BC. The linen was used to wrap mummies. In other parts of the African continent batik subsequently became big both for clothing but also for art creation. The Yoroba tribe in Nigeria and the Wolof in Senegal soon mastered the technique to perfection.

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