British art colonies

In Great Britain there have been some notable art colonies whose residents have helped shape British art. Not all but certainly a few of them we’re coastal colonies and they flourished between 1880 – 1930. Many of them arose through mutual friendships amongst British artists who attended colonies in France such as Pont-Aven.

In much of Europe art colonies where at their height between 1880-1910. WW1 meant the beginning to the end of many colonies, though the British art colonies appear to have been more sheltered and long-lived as a whole. St Ives was only really considered an art colony from 1928 and may arguably live on to this day. Others, such as the Holland park Circle, fit the European pattern better.

Here is a list of Bristish art colonies:

Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
Ditchling, Sussex
Glasgow School, Glasgow
Newlyn, Cornwall
St. Ives, Cornwall
Staithes, North Yorkshire
The Holland Park Circle, West London