In sculpture-making, a bust is a portrait of a person which includes the head, neck, and part of the shoulders. A bust is often mounted on a base or column and by definition, it is more figurative in nature than abstract. Here are 10 famous busts:

Eduardo Paolozzi, Shattered head (1956)
Thutmose, Queen Nefertiti (1340 BC)
Auguste Rodin, Monumental head of Balzac (1897)
Antoine Bourdelle, Beethoven (1902)
Brancusi, Sleeping Muse (1910)
Giacometti, Portrait of Bruno (1917)
Germaine Richier, La Regodias (1938)
Jean Fautrier, Large tragic head (1942)
Marino Marini, Igor Stravinsky (1951)
G Manzu, Portrait of Oskar Kokoschka (1969)

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