As an art term, Giottesque is applied to followers of Giotto from the 14th-century. Giotto di Bondone was a Florentine architect and a painter. He is considered one of the first in a line of Italian Renaissance artists.

The best-known of the Giottesque artists (Giotteschi), i.e. persons influenced by Giotto are the Florentine artists Taddeo Gaddi, Maso di Banco and Bernardo Daddi.

Taddeo Gaddi was an Italian painter and architect. Son of Gaddo di Zanobi, Taddeo was nicknamed ‘Gaddo Gaddi’ and was a member of Giotto’s workshop from 1313 until 1337, when his Giotto died. Maso di Banco was also a pupil of the master and explored three-dimensionality somewhat more than Gaddi. Bernardo Daddi may have been an apprentice of Giotto, but there is no record of it other than he worked as a florentine artist along with the other two Giottesci.

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