An artist manifesto suggests a set of goals. The 20th century was a particularly busy period for writing and publishing these documents, and artists have long been fond of manifesto-writing for art groups and art movements.

They are public declarations and expositions of the theories and directions of the art movements. More often than not, they are much more clear about what they react (or revolt) against, than manifesting what they offer. They may serve the additional purpose of mounting financial support or moral acceptance from sponsors, and they may attempt to offer explanations to justify the activities of the artists.

As a peculiar type of document writing, it can be fueled by the (perhaps naïve) desire to influence the thoughts of present or future art critics, though people generally make up their own ideas about how you should be remembered no matter what you do.

Samples of art manifestos: M invencionista, M Antropófago, Fluxus M, Zero Manifestos, the Surreal m, Stuckist m, Neoplastic m., CoBrA manifesto.

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