Neomodern artist group, the

The Neomodern artist group was founded in 1997 by Guy Denning. As so many art groups and their manifests, they are a reaction or pro-action against something.

In the case of the neomodern, it is fighting for the diversity of contemporary art as stifled by the state-supported art institutions and organisations. The group has no formalised style, dogma or media.

The initial group of artists included: Jim Butler, David Cobley, Mark Stephen Meadows, Emily Cole, Mark Demsteader, Ian Francis, Juno Doran, Ghislaine Howard, Jamin, Maya Kulenovic, Antony Micallef, Motorboy, Carol Peace, Graeme Robbins, Harry Simmonds, Tom Wilmott, Franklin Torres, Kit Wise, Claire Zakiewicz and Guy Denning.

Relatedly, Neomodernism began in literature, with the writings of Ágnes Heller, Victor Grauer and Carlos Escudé. It describes a philosophical position based on modernism. But at the same time it points to critique of modernism by postmodernism.