Founded in 1946 and developed throughout 1947, Perceptismo (Perceptism) was an art movement developed in Argentina. The group focused on abstract painting based on a mathematically formulated relationship between colours and geometric shapes. One of the key ingredients in their work was to place great importance on the context and environment in which the art was to be experienced visually.

Led by Raúl Lozza, Rembrandt van Dick Lozza, Abraham Haber and Alberto Molenberg, the priority was to examine the objective plane and the myth of autonomy in form.

The Mainfesto says “The Perceptist painting exalts the elements of visual perception of plastic, colour level, and creates a real relationship of the viewer with paint in the practical order. Abstraction represented object to the Invention of an aesthetic object with real property”

Perceptism is closely related to Madí, another Argentinian 1940s abstract movement.

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