Skagen Painters

Skagen in Denmark was, and to some extend still is, a notable art community, commune or artist colony known for the Skagen Painters in particular. The artists who once flourished there painted plein air paintings in the, then, contemporary impressionist style.

Artists associated with the Skagen are: Peder Severin Krøyer, Marie Krøyer, Karl Madsen, Laurits Tuxen, Carl Locher, Viggo Johansen, Thorvald Niss, Holger Drachmann, Anna and Michael Ancher, Oscar Björck, Johan Krouthén, Christian Krohg; and Eilif Peterssen.

Skagen or ‘Skaw’ artists are distinctive in their style, but the idea of gathering in a rural or maritime area to paint and share ideas is by no means unique for Skagen painters. The Barbizon School, the Newlyn School and the St Ives group of artists joined with their peers with similar intentions.

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