An international art movement founded in 1999 by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish.

Its aim is to promote figurative painting or any art they considered unpretentious and in opposition to much conceptual art. it has resultet in a Stuckist manifesto which resides on their present stuckist website.

Since its inception, The first 13 British artists have been joined by people across 233 groups in 52 countries. Charles Thomson came up with the name after his girlfriend had told him he was stuck in his art and mentally.

Stuckists want to find the authentic in art, and in essence they are not against art or anti-art or styles of art and their movement. Rather they are against the industry that wraps up art and art expression in commercial pretentiousness and ego art. They’ve exhibited several times, but have also been keen on arranging demonstrations against the White Cube Gallery, Saatchi’s patronage of ‘Young British Artists’ as well as protesting against the Turner prize at Tate annually since 2000.

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