streaming auctions is the answer

Auctionata is now the biggest auction house in Germany

The Berlin-headquartered auction house Auctionata has just published its 2nd quarter financial results. It is all looking up, because Auctionata reports a staggering 195% growth for the last 6 months as compared with the same period the last year. The actual GMV weighs in at €35.7 million. It not only makes the online auction house the fastest growing online player but also the largest German auctioneer in terms of disclosed revenue.

Since its foundation, Auctionata has received substantial investment, and it is only now that the company can report its first positive EBITDA ever. The auction house has other priorities than short-term gains and has relentlessly pursued its vision of creating value for its online users.

Auctionata now attributes 80% of its phenomenal growth to the introduction of live streaming auctions only two years ago. The remaining 20% of the revenue comes from the online shop and private sales. The total is split over four categories here listed in order of magnitude: Fine Art, Contemporary Art, Watches and Classic Cars.

Alexander Zacke, Founder and CEO, says

we have built a proven model and have been extremely fast in reaching the leadership position in Germany. With this same model, we can become leaders in any market, any category, and any geography

Unsurprisingly, the auction house has attracted a handful of new investors lately. Together the investors and Auctionata are negotiating series C financing worth €42 million.