a big passion for auctions

Auktionshaus Stahl

Founded in Hamburg in 1978 by Hans Stahl, Auctionshaus Stahl is one of those remarkable auction houses that has come from nowhere through hard grafting and dedication. What the organisation does not offer in sheer scale, it more than compensates for in ability to read our age.

A big passion for auctions runs in the family and may well be in their DNA, because the second generation is now at the helm of the action house. In 2005 after 40 years in the auction business, Hans Stahl handed the company over to his daughter Christiana Stahl-Kerle.

As well as this being a tale of nature, there is of course also the notion of nurture to consider and Christiana is no exception. She pretty much grew up in auctions and learned how to liaise effectively with consignors and buyers from an early age. In addition, there was a great deal of art history and art appreciation to absorb, and there was rich opportunity to develop business acumen before formally qualifying in Germany as a chartered auctioneer.

The auction house is located in a large villa from 1860, which some might describe as a mix between regency and neo-classicism. But regardless of what it is, it is conveniently close to the city centre, has a great atmosphere and offers the perfect setting for auctions of art and other collectibles.

The acution house is equally approachable and knowledgeable. Without obligation, the specialist staff can answer any queries you might have. They can also help you with valuations and offer its expertise in matters of insurance and inheritance in strict confidence.

For potential buyers, Auktionshaus Stahl arranges six auctions per year as organised into these seven categories.

  • old masters- impressionist- and modern paintings
  • old master and modern prints
  • porcelain
  • furniture
  • decorative arts
  • jewellery
  • art nouveau and 20th century design

Behind this broad categorisation, collectors can expect high-end international objects for sale. Some consignments include so-called museum-grade art, which never fails to attract attention and excitement from potential buyers. As Chinese art is becoming increasingly popular, Stahl is wisely arming itself with inhouse expertise. The house has already sold a painting by Wu Guanzhong fetching a decent hammer price.

For buyers flying in from abroad, Stahl offers something the likes of Sotheby’s and Christie’s could not quite as effortlessly. German modernism is world renowned and is logically best sourced from within Germany itself. Of course, Stahl can offer you exactly that as well as being strong on other aspects of local heritage. Think here older Northern German paintings and maritime motifs for instance. You might also add Meissen porcelain to that equation. For the uninitiated, Meissen is as big an entity in Germany, Poland and Scandinavia as Wedgwood is in the UK. Meissen, the German porcelain manufacturer was the first in Europe to produce the fine hard-paste porcelain which the Chinese guarded as a trade secret for centuries.

You can find out more by visiting their website or their facebook page